5 Signs That She is Attracted to You

Pursuing a woman can be really scary and frustrating. Men are afraid of rejection and getting hurt. The ability to see the signs that she is attracted to you is important to your success in the dating arena because it will guide you on how to pursue the woman of your dreams. Women think and behave differently from men. Understanding the behavior of women and how they think can be a great advantage in dating and courting women.

What are the signs that she is attracted to you?

Her eyes can give her away. The eyes can convey unspoken language and can reveal if someone is interested in you. Women when interested will hold your gaze for a while then breaks off the eye contact by looking down before looking away.  This is like an assurance that you are welcome if you will try to approach her or make an acquaintance with her.  If a woman looks away too quickly without making an eye contact, this could be a bad sign and she’s not comfortable or interested.

She is everywhere you go. If a woman makes herself visible in the places where you usually hang out then she might be giving you a hint that she is rooting for you and wants to be with you.  She makes an effort to be near you. She associates with your friends and go to places where she do not normally go just to have a chance to run into you. This is a signal that she wants to have an encounter with you and open for the possibility of knowing you more.

The way she converse will give you hints that she is attracted to you. You will get hints that she is interested the way she responds and makes conversations with you.  She will find your jokes funny and your stories really interesting. She listens attentively, nods and remembers even the smallest details you said. She often agrees with your opinions and your stories. Her smile may turn into giggle or seductive laugh when she’s conversing with you. In some cases a woman may initiate a conversation with you as a sign that she is really interested.

Body language. Unspoken words are undeniable signs that she is attracted to you.  There are a number of body languages that serves as signs that she is attracted to you. One body language is a woman may twirl, flip or play with her hair while talking to you. Occasionally playing with her earrings and stroking her earlobes are also positive signs that she’s into you. Initiating body contact is also one sign that she’s attracted to you if she is the kind of person who does not usually do these gestures with other male friends. She may lean her head closer, want to be in close proximity with you and initiate skin to skin contact while talking to you.

Wants to know you more. When a woman is interested in you she gets more personal and wants to know more details about you. She’s interested about your likes and dislikes. She talks about her personal life to you and in return wants to know about your personal life especially your love life. She likes spending time alone with you or finds a way to end up alone with you to know you more.

There are a number of signs that she is attracted to you and it is important to know how to recognize them to succeed in dating women. If she’s not yet into you, do not lose hope because attracting women is an art that can be learned. Discover how to attract women using proven techniques, visit Guys Get Girl